It’s the End of the Year As We Know It

Dear listeners,

2015 has come and is soon to leave us. We’ve enjoyed crafting these 50 shows for you. We love recording and producing our parody songs, faux movie trailers, fake sponsors, and all the rest of the magic you have come to love here on the show.

We have more coming!

As family guys, we’re taking the last couple weeks of the year off to be with our families, think of new bits, and put some things together for you, our intelligent, attractive, and well-off audience. Send your ideas using the contact form or on twitter @SableAndDave

Thank for your support this year. You have downloaded the show over ten thousand times since April and we are very excited about that. We look forward to spreading the Indispensable Thursday Show like a virus among your friends in 2016!

Please join us on our live page Wednesday nights from 9:30pm – 11pm.

Until January, here are a few memories from the year.

Targaryen Girl

Trump the Manic Windbag

Favorite Movie Cliches

Yesterday, A Kim Davis Parody

Bruce Hartiswood

From Hawaii With Hope

The (In-)Famous Yogi and Boo Boo Skit

The Olive Oil Bit

The Bidet Bit

(and yeah, I feel fine)


Author: Sable

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