We will be live!

Greetings TiTs fans! (What do the fans call themselves anyways?)

I have exciting news for you. Remember when we did that streaming video trial a few weeks back? You tuned in, you participated, you loved it? Well …

We’re going to livestream every show. Wednesday nights 9:30pm – 11pm. This is the “warts and all” production stream. The podcast will still launch Thursdays as you expect in your podcast player. Wednesday nights will be for fun.

Looking to participate? You will be able to join the chatroom and give us your feedback.

We would like to extend special thanks to Todd at http://www.alphageekradio.com/ for his extensive network and infrastructure and for inviting us to play in the sandbox.

There are lots of other great shows on the network too. Check out alpha geek radio for more live content.

You can join the show and the chat on our live page or on Channel 1 at Alpha Geek Radio.

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Author: Sable

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